Production vs Design and UFOs

If you are like me, the pile of unfinished objects - UFOs - in your sewing room bugs you from time to time.  You think, I really should finish that last thing before I start yet another project.  And if you are like me, you crave new challenges and find it a chore to finish something else once new inspiration comes along.  Earlier this week, I was having coffee with my husband in the morning, as we usually do before going to work and he was telling me about a new approach he was taking to designing a circuit board with a technician in the lab.  The technician wasn't entirely bought in to this new approach and mentioned he would feel better if the work was being done on someboy ELSE's computer.  He didn't want his name associated with the work.  My husband was puzzled by this.  I started thinking about the difference between working in a production environment versus a design environment.  In design, we try many different things before we settle on the thing that will work best.  In production, it is different.  We may streamline workflows and develop methodologies which save time and money, but we do not invent.  There really isn't a lot of abandonment.  We finish what we start.  Well, my sewing room is definately a design environment.  I go there to create, to play, to learn, to enjoy the process of sewing.  The resulting garment is the cherry on top.  I am recalibrating my brain and losing the guilt of not finishing things.  It is not a waste of time or money if I enjoy the process and learn from it.  This is my new mantra.  It's okay to let it go!

In other news, I did a quiet launch of FANCYPANTS Patterns.  If you happen to see it, let me know what you think.  I am super excited to see it on line!