Has it REALLY been that long?

My iPhone has been beeping all day. My classmates are all abuzz about our upcoming 30 year reunion. I can hardly believe it has been thirty years. Of course I am excited to see everyone again, but I can't stop thinking, "What am I going to wear???" I sew. I am about to release a pattern line. I HAVE to make something fabulous, right? Here is what I wore to my 20 year reunion (which, by the way, does NOT seem like it was ten years ago). I did make it myself. I think it was a bit too dressy compared to what my friends were wearing.

I am thinking about making a knee length dress this time. The reunion is in late June. The days will be long. I like the idea of a sleeveless design. What do you think of these? I didn't make any of them, but I could copy the design and draft my own pattern. These are all silk, but I am thinking of using a lightweight wool crepe. The color I have in mind is a deep sapphire blue. If I go with the third one, I would shorten the hem to the knee. The images expand when clicked.

Pinstriped Menswear - Not Just For Men!

I saw a dress on a Google Image search and I had to have it. So I challenged myself to draft a custom pattern. I like the white buttons better. What do you think? I would add it to my pattern line but it might be difficult for some to custom fit.

It's been a long, long time...

Hello World!

I have been quiet for many months, but I have not forgotten you. As a matter of fact, you have been on my mind more than ever. I read your blogs and your comments with great interest. You see, I have been learning about pattern making, grading, technical writing, fashion illustration, cad drawing, and running a small business. Can you guess why?

Did you guess that I decided to start an independent pattern company? If you did, you are correct! At first, I wanted to wait until I had a full collection of patterns to offer, but I am too excited to delay any longer. Soon, I will release my first patterns. Here are a few sneak preview illustrations: