Beaded Embroidery

Thank you, Ann for the suggestion to add beaded trim to the side panels. I did a little test stitching to find a machine stitch that I can embellish with beads.
This is one of the designer stitches that came with my machine. Isn't it fabulous! I think I like this 30 weight thread. And look how cool it's going to be with beads! I have had these tubes of beads for years. I bought some simple embroidery designs which used tulle to make little appliqué patches that you fill with bead gravy - essentially little seed beads and bugles made of glass. I went a little crazy buying beads when I saw tubes like the one pictured in Michaels. I embellished one pair of jeans for my Mom and she said all the beads came out in the wash. So I have been holding on to all of these little beads knowing I could use them for something.... someday....

Saturday in Concord MA

This past weekend we had fabulous weather in Massachusetts. My Mom came up to visit and I took her shopping in Concord. Here are some of our pictures.

We strolled in and out of boutiques, trying on jewelry and scarves, purchasing trinkets and looking at all the fine details of some of the fancier clothes. I felt a little funny about taking detailed photos, so I refrained. My Mom snapped pictures from the sidewalk of a few dresses that were in shop windows so I could add them to my inspiration files. We figured that was okay since anyone could see that much from the street. There was a historical cemetery with tombstones from the colonial days which we found fascinating. Mom has more pictures. We stopped for salmon wraps at Helens right around six when the stores were closing. The food was yummy and reasonably priced, and the staff were fantastic. I had a nice Saturday with my Mom.

MARFY 2255 style options

For the side panels, I am considering a few options. The fashion fabric I chose for this dress is an olive colored raw silk that I bought from Cynthia Guffey a few years ago at the sewing Expo. I bought several colors from her and I am considering using a different color to accentuate the panels. Another option is to simply topstitch and edgestitch in a contrasting thread color. Or I could experiment with using my embroidery machine and stitch out an endless design. I am having trouble deciding...

MARFY 2255 fitting

Here is my second MARFY 2255 muslin. The fit still isn't just how I want it, but I am happy with the upper back. I added length and width to the back pattern piece. I essentially did a "full butt alteration" and now the back is longer than the front. The bust darts are a little too high as a result of an alteration I made to the slope of the shoulder. I think I can fix the pattern pieces and go straight to fashion fabric, but I have an issue with the style. I don't like the pleats in the front. I cannot decide whether or not to eliminate them.

Waechter's Fine Fabrics

I just bought these two beautiful cuts from Waechter's on line. On the left is a 4 yard cut of Marigold Wool Crepe and on the right, 2 yards of Ivory Rayon Nylon Lycra Ponte De Roma. They sent it to me all wrapped in tissue with a pretty bow. It was like getting a present! There was a hand written Thank You note tucked into the package and some complimentary buttons included as well.

Vogue 1182
Vogue 1183

I have two dresses in mind for these beautiful fabrics. Both patterns are recent purchases. I succumbed to temptation during a recent Vogue Patterns sale.

Which one is your favorite?

MARFY 2255

I am ready to start my next project. I would like to thank those of you who voted in my poll to help me decide what to sew next. The choices were MARFY 2255 (one of the free patterns with the purchase of the 2010 pattern catalog) in raw silk, Jalie 2908 stretch jeans, or Vogue 8379 wrap dress in stretch silk from Jones New York.

There was a tie for first place between the Jalie jeans and the MARFY dress. Since I have been so inspired by what I learned at the Expo about upper back fitting, I have decided to do the MARFY dress. The pattern has a center back seam. I altered it and cut the muslin. I will be stitching it together tonight. Stay tuned for photos!

HELP! ISO Tiny Stiletto Heel Tips

I LOVE these shoes, but I lost a heel tip and my local shoe repair guy cannot retip them because the pin size for the heel tip is smaller than the smallest one he can get.  Does anyone know where I might find stiletto heel tips with an extremely small 2.0mm pin?

Dry Cleaning Accident?

It is such a beautiful day today. I have been looking forward to wearing my lovely summer weight dresses with bare legs and peep toe shoes for what seems like forever. My dresses have been waiting so patiently - all fresh, cleaned and pressed from the dry cleaners - for the day they will frolic in the sun again. I pulled one of my favorites, a silk sleeveless empire waisted style with an A line skirt out of my closet only to notice stains. It looks as though the print from one of my other dresses, transferred to it during the cleaning and I didn't notice when I removed the plastic. I wore it anyway, with a sweater, and pretty peep toe shoes. The thing is, (there is ALWAYS a thing, right?) I love the way the dress suits my figure. When I add the sweater, it is a different outfit and all that figure flattery is lost. These pictures are taken from an angle that is not exactly glamorous and I was having a little static cling episode, but I think it illustrates the difference the sweater makes pretty well.

I have a great idea! I am going to turn this dress into a pattern! I already know it will fit and more important than fit, I already know this is a style that I like on my body. Since I never would be willing to sacrifice a beloved garment to this process, this stained dress dark cloud has a silver lining. I was heartbroken early this morning. Now I am energized.

PS - you can click the pictures for a bigger view.