Adding Color to my Wardrobe

I normally do not wear this many colors together. My inclination would be to wear a black jacket instead of the blue cardigan, but I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe. I just love the raspberry wool fabric I used for this skirt. The pattern is the Bernina My Label basic skirt. The top is Cache - just got it this weekend. The cardigan is Ann Taylor 2009.
I am so ready for spring. I bought sandals and a yellow bag this weekend as well. I am rethinking my sewing queue. I want to have more color and pattern. Do you think the design lines need to be simpler as the color and pattern get bolder? I am trying to wrap my brain around a more contemporary style.


  1. What a fabulous color to add to your wardrobe. I have always liked a tone on tone look, like your skirt and tights. I think the main reason I might keep the lines simple on a print with bold color and pattern would be because I wouldn't want to waste time with a lot of detail if it got lost in the print. But if the detail was preserved in the final garment and it complimented the print, then I wouldn't hesitate to try to combine the two.

  2. Yes, I do think the lines of a garment need to be simpler when the fabric gets more complicated. Most of the time. Exception: One of the new Vogue patterns for spring, the floral chiffon dress with all the diagonal pleats so it looks like a wrap dress - that looks great in the big floral on the envelope.

  3. Love the colors. Since usually a print disguises the details on patterns I tend to use prints on simpler patterns.