Has it REALLY been that long?

My iPhone has been beeping all day. My classmates are all abuzz about our upcoming 30 year reunion. I can hardly believe it has been thirty years. Of course I am excited to see everyone again, but I can't stop thinking, "What am I going to wear???" I sew. I am about to release a pattern line. I HAVE to make something fabulous, right? Here is what I wore to my 20 year reunion (which, by the way, does NOT seem like it was ten years ago). I did make it myself. I think it was a bit too dressy compared to what my friends were wearing.

I am thinking about making a knee length dress this time. The reunion is in late June. The days will be long. I like the idea of a sleeveless design. What do you think of these? I didn't make any of them, but I could copy the design and draft my own pattern. These are all silk, but I am thinking of using a lightweight wool crepe. The color I have in mind is a deep sapphire blue. If I go with the third one, I would shorten the hem to the knee. The images expand when clicked.


  1. You have great arms and shoulders, you should totally go sleeveless! I love the color, it will look great on you. Please keep us up to date with your design ideas, I'm excited to see what you come up with.

  2. These will be great in June. While you look great in all 3 dresses, you look most stunning in the right and left dress.