I can MAKE that!

cutting table

I have been bouncing around ideas for a skirt to match my jacket.  I think a princess pencil skirt is what I want to do.  Instead of buying a pattern, or looking for one in my pattern stash, I am thinking - you guessed it - I can MAKE that!  If I can get the fit right, I think it will be stylish and comfortable to wear.

Here is a sample of the fabric stitched with lapped seams

stitch sample

What about shoes?  Oh I would LOVE to make my own shoes!  Hmmmm, maybe I could cover a pair of pumps and add some embellishment to them.  And a purse....  I could also make a little clutch purse with a frame.  See how easily I can get carried away with a project?  Hey at least I'm not thinking about a hat!

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