The Suit Dress

I ordered this beautiful azalea wool gabardine suiting from vogue fabrics today.
It is for the yummy yellow dress from the February 2010 issue of BURDA Style.  The pattern is very simple, so it will showcase the lovely drape of the gabardine. 

I am thinking of embroidery for the collar, and a self belt with a little embroidery as well.
Picture something with minimal thread coverage and maybe a few swarovski crystals.  I will report back after reviewing my embroidery designs.

Meanwhile, the leather skirt is still on the sewing table and will hopefully be finished before I get too involved with the planning of my next project.

My new year's resolution to focus less on work has suffered a minor setback as I worked both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, but I think I will ask for a day or two off midweek next week to stay home and sew.  That would be terrific!  A whole day or two to myself....

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  1. Deb, love your sewing but I wanted to comment on work taking over your life. There was a time when even taking a vacation was difficult for me to schedule. I found that taking a day here and a day there for sewing, yes, but sometimes just to luxuriate. Like a day at a spa, or even just afternoon at the manicurist. Taking a day or afternoon for yourself, can improve your attitude and satisfaction with life but it also reminds those your work for that you are valuable. Don't hesitate to ask for a short periods of time off.