Cast On Roses

Here is a better picture of the cast on rose stitch. I used a single strand of DMC six strand cotton floss. I am still not ready to jump in and start embroidering the panels just yet. Since the embroidery will be positioned at my waist, I want the detail to be visible from 5 feet away. The single strand stitch out may be too small. I want to see what it looks like using two strands. I also need to settle on the color scheme of the embroidery. I am thinking of adding yellow detached chain stitch daisies with fuschia and purple seed bead accents. I don't want to get too complicated with the design as I will be stitching it twice - once for each panel - and the designs will need to mirror each other. I do hope after all of this decision making that I will be happy with the final dress! I hate when I put so much work into a project only to be disappointed with the results. It's a good thing I enjoy the process so much. It really would be torture otherwise.
On a more personal note, I have great news! My daughter has agreed to let me make her prom dress! This is HUGE! For the last ten years, she has not been interested in wearing anything made by Mom. I shortened and hemmed a bridesmaid dress last year for her for her to wear to a dance, and she was pleased with the results. She said she never wanted to wear the things I would make because she didn't like the style of any of the clothes I made. She also said she didn't want to stress me out. (Okay, I *have* had my sewing tantrums...) I suspect she just lacks confidence in my sewing skill. She sees what I make and thinks, "UM... yeah... I would NEVER wear that..." I am hopeful that this will be a positive experience for both of us.
Here are before and after pictures of the dress I hemmed. I showed her the original hem after she closely inspected the shortened dress and she was impressed that my work was better. What is it about teenagers? Why do they think their parents cannot do anything right?


  1. I love your stitches! those roses are so pretty.
    It is good when they are easily impressed, it doesn't look like and easy one to hem.

  2. Time takes care of this. When they get older, they appreciate your skills from a new perspective. My daughter now wants things sewn by Mom as well as painting by Mom as well as gardening by Mom as well as.... Concentrate on the great relationship and the rest will come. I hope. I'd love it if SHE started to sew.

    - Myrna