My Critical Eye??

I am beginning my list of style elements which work for me. I would like to identify styles which suit my figure type - the pear. All of the advice I read says that I should avoid halter styles and yet, I feel best and receive the most compliments in these three dresses.

So instead of consulting the style guides, I am going to start with direct feedback and my own critical eye. I have been taking pictures of the outfits I am wearing for a few months, now. One interesting thing I have found is that when I look at thumbnail sized images, I get a better idea of whether or not a particular silhouette works for me. I think I am going to start photographing the back view as well. In order to identify style elements which reflect the personality characteristics I would like to convey, I think I should look at fashion magazines and pattern catalogs with a new objective. Instead of looking at the clothes and whether or not I like them, I will look at the model and ask myself, do her clothes give the message I want to give? If yes, why? Does a top or blouse with a collar portray more authority than one without a collar. What about a jacket vs. a sweater? Ruffles vs. pleats? Print vs. solid? I think I need to retrain my critical eye...


  1. Kendall Farr writes in The Pocket Stylist that halters are fine for type A (pear) as long as your shoulders are not too sloped or significantly narrower than your lower body, which I don't think yours are. In fact it makes perfect sense as all the dresses you show above have detailing at the shoulder/neck which highlight your shoulder area and provide balance. They look so good on you. At the end of the day I think we all need to trust our inner voice a little more, and if it feels right, wear it - no matter what the experts say.

  2. Check out Imogen Lamport's blog called "Inside Out Style". I got so frustrated with these questions that I had a personalized style consultation with her and it was soooo helpful to me.

    I agree you look fabulous in these halter dresses. You have great shoulders.

  3. Your shoulders are as wide as your hips, so you are not a pear, but rather an hourglass, X, or M depending on the categorization system. So, go right ahead and enjoy your halter dresses!

    Honestly, if you have a good eye for style and balance, you can ignore the experts all you like. General advice is for people who can't tell on their own.

  4. I agree with the last commenter... I think you're X-shaped, not a pear (a true pear is talking) and halter tops look terrific on you.
    In any case, I think men are attracted to halter tops in general, regardless of your figure. I have a recognizable pear shape and in spite of that my partner loves it when I wear halter tops. And he is critic and honest with what I wear, so I can trust him when he says that the halter style suits me.
    I have read your latest posts and it seems that we're going through the same transition, questioning our style choices. I think you're even more methodical than I am. After all, you've been sewing for years, you are already a fitting expert, and your wardrobe is full of garments that fit you well. I have just entered my thirties, my body shape is changing fast, I have just stopped fitting into RTW clothes and I have just started sewing (everything is related, haha). Apart from the fitting issue, style is also an issue for me. I am an impulse buyer. I like one particular blouse or dress and I buy it without considering how to combine it with the other items in my wardrobe. Sometimes I find myself with lots of shirts but hardly any pants or skirts, because for a while I only fancied shirts and didn't worry about getting a whole outfit out of them.
    When I realized this, I starting looking for sources of inspiration. I see an outfit that I like and I try to mimic it. I'm still not capable of creating a stylish outfit all by myself. To me, the greatest thing about dresses is that you don't have to find any other garment that goes with them.
    If you have the same lack of creativity I have, I suggest that you find a celebrity that is more or less your age, has your same body shape, and whose style you wouldn't mind wearing. Unfortunately celebrities wear red carpet dresses most of the time, which are unsuitable for the factory / shop / office environment.
    Aaah, the only reason I don't wish I were a man is because then I wouldn't have a motivation to sew beautiful dresses...

  5. Can I just add my voice to the "you are an hourglass" chorus? If I had to show someone what an hourglass figure looks like, I'd bring them to your photos. And those dresses look great on you.