Duplicating Ready To Wear Pants

You may remember that I recently ordered a pair of trousers on line in order to copy them. Well I got them and the first thing I did was try them on of course. They are a bit snug - too snug in fact, but I am going to try to fix that. Here are a couple of pictures of what they look like on. These are not the same pair. They are the same cut with a slight difference in style. The pockets on these open along the side seam, which when worn gape open. The ones I am copying have pockets in the same place, but the opening is at the top, like blue jeans. Also, they seem to be a little smaller with more stretch. I took one leg apart and left the other attached to the waistband for reference. I noticed something which has me curious. The crotch seam and hip seams have double stitching - both the bobbin and top thread are doubled. How do they do that? Is there a special industrial machine that uses two bobbins? Are two threads wound around the bobbin at the same time? I sense some experimenting in my future... The waistband is a two piece contour waistband.

Other observations about these pants:

  • All seam allowances are 1/2 inch
  • All exposed raw edges are overcast
  • All exposed seam allowances are pressed open
  • the hem uses rayon seam binding
  • The waistband is a two piece contour waistband
  • The waistband fashion fabric and front fly assembly pieces are interfaced with fusible interfacing
  • The waistband uses many layers
    • seam binding
    • tie interfacing
    • woven shirting rectangle cut on the bias
    • seam binding folded in half lengthwise to form rayon piping
    • woven ribbon label with designer name repeated
    • a lengthwise pleated woven shirting rectangle cut on the bias
    • a final woven shirting rectangle alos cut on the bias
I have been trying to find information on line about waistband interfacing and construction. I think I want to make my own version of menswear waistband interfacing. I really like the way these pants are constructed. I will have to post pictures when I can so you can see what I mean. Happy Sewing!!

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  1. It's cool you're embarking on the journey of copying your RTW pants. The store bought pants, in my opinion fit you great (you've got great curves:). It's amazing how many design and sewing features are in a pair of pants. Thanks for listing them. I can't wait to see how you get this done.