I Miss the BURDA Fashion Website

I miss being able to look up BURDA technical drawings and fashion images on line. I have been a member of Burda Style for some time, but I never preferred it to the Burda Fashion site. While nothing can substitute for holding the magazine in my hands, I prefer to browse electronically sometimes, especially when I have a specific design in mind. I am so bummed out.


  1. LOL! I so agree! This has really disapointed me.

  2. Oh dear, I hadn't even realized, and I just counted on it always being there. That really is a bummer.

  3. The archives are still around! I'm not sure if they'll be updating them, but here they are up to 5/2010 - http://www.burdamode.com:8080/en/Magazines/Archives/1270777-1463237.html

  4. you can find the tech/drawings and the images here:
    http://www.osinka.ru/Zhurnaly/ just click on the magazine you want to browse and they will appear
    for instance
    Burda 7/2010. Онлайн-версия.

    for the last issue

  5. Phebe and Katie, you have made my day!!! Thank you so much for commenting! I hope they keep the archives going.