RTW Knock-Off - A Smashing Success!

Here is an update on my RTW trouser knock off project. I have to rave a little bit about the menswear waistband. WOW! I may have to do a tutorial on this. It would simply be unfair to keep this gem to myself. As you know, the pants are made from stretch tropical wool and they have a contoured waistband. With the menswear facing/interfacing assembly, the pants hang perfectly and look neat and tailored. The cool thing about using this method is that I can make yards and yards of the stuff and use it to face all of my waistbands! I noticed that tie interfacing is not the same stuff used on my RTW waistband. The tie interfacing is sturdier and bulkier but I am going to stay with the tie interfacing since I have so much of it. After I ordered from Peggy, I checked my stash and sure enough, I had already bought some from her at the sewing expo, so now I have three yards of it. I have enough to make 32 more waistbands before I run out.

The pants are almost finished. I just need to hem them and add hooks and eyes to the waistband. Originally, they were a little tight in the thigh, so I let the inseams and outseams out, adding a total of an inch to each thigh. Then when I tried them on I was happy with the fit but unhappy with the ridge along the outseam. I restitched just the outseams with 1/2" seams and tried them on again. They are still a little tight, but they are made from stretch fabric. My husband and my daughter each give the pants two thumbs up. My husband said it was my best work to date. My daughter couldn't believe I made them. She thought I bought them. Since I buy my pants at Ann Taylor, I was impressed that my daughter couldn't tell the difference. I am attributing this to the waistband.

My daughter was so impressed with the pants that she was inspired to sew something for herself. We sat looking through the July issue of BURDA Style Magazine together and she decided to make this skirt. It seams like an easy enough and forgiving enough project for a beginner to tackle. I knew I saved my Elna all these years for a reason! I hope she enjoys sewing as much as I do! I am keeping my fingers crossed. My husband has cautioned me not to get my hopes up too high. I am trying not to run around yelling "YIPPEE!! YIPPEE!!"

Updates and pictures to follow!! Happy Sewing!!

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  1. I've been enjoying the pants journey and I'm so glad that they are a success! And so excited that you get to share your sewing with your daughter!! How fun!!