Ode to Chanel

Tweed is in! I am seeing Chanel inspired jackets everywhere. This fantastic Linton tweed is telling me it wants to be a little cropped Chanel. And this buttery soft silk charmeuse wants to be the lining. My head is spinning. Now that I have basic pattern blocks to start with, I cannot stop designing things in my mind. Another hurdle... design... With a whole world of possibilities open to me, I have to figure out how to make great design choices. The learning curve never ends. It's great!

I think I will use the Bernina My Label military jacket pattern as a starting point. I'll crop it and remove the collar. I have so many more design decisions to make. Jacket length - should I crop it above the waist like a little shrug? Maybe it should come right to the waistline? I have a smallish waist... What should I do about the front closure? Should the center fronts overlap and button? Bound buttonholes or hand stitched? Or should the center just butt with hooks and eyes? Maybe I should design it to be worn open and not even meet at the center front? Will it look like the jacket is too small if I do that? And trim? I think the tweed will make really nice fringe... but I am not always a fan of fringe. Too sloppy and bulky... What do you think yay or nay on the fringe? Maybe a simple contrast ribbon trim since the tweed has so much texture? Pockets? Do I want pockets? I like to carry my iPhone, but I am concerned about the weight of the phone. Maybe faux pockets to add interest? Do I even need them if the jacket length is cropped? Will they look good on me? Sleeve length - I am thinking bracelet length sleeves, but then should I go discreet with the trim and buttons? Maybe full length sleeves with 3 buttons will give the same effect as bracelet length sleeves - calling attention to the small circumference at the wrist? Oh this is too much fun...


  1. I couldn't stand to be without pockets. If I don't put them in I usually have to add them later. Love the fabric, its so *not your mothers tweed*

  2. I adore Karl (who designs for Chanel) and love that you're using My Label. Did you fit yourself on the program, or have help?

  3. My husband took all of my measurements. He was very meticulous. I say if you do not have a sewing buddy to help with taking measurements, find an engineer whom you wouldn't mind seeing you in your undies :)