The Tailored Shirt

Look at how fabulous this tailored shirt mock-up came out!! Doesn't it make me look tall and slim? I think it's the high armsyce and the fitted underbust. Look at how nice it behaves when I put my arms up. It lies nicely through the waist and hip. I'll bet if I were so inclined, I could wear this tucked in and not have to keep adjusting it all day. You know what I mean - when you wear a blouse and you reach for something and it starts to come untucked and look all sloppy and blousy? Mmm hmm, I know you're feelin' me. If I had known this would fit so well without alterations, I would have matched the print better. I don't even like this fabric and I still love the blouse. This was done WITH ZERO ALTERATIONS! Can I get a WAHOO? Oh yeah THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! I have been fantasizing for years about being able to sew something right out of the envelope and have it fit well. Now, not only can I have a good fit, I can also check the proportion on my body before I sew it. You guys - this is like sewing nirvana! Look - no fold of fabric at the back waist. I didn't even have to do a sway back alteration. The pattern drafts with enough width at the hip so that there is no "riding up" in back.

Here are some detailed images of the collar, button placket, and seam finish I employed.

The buttonholes were made using a built in stitch on my machine. I have a Pfaff with a sensormatic buttonhole foot that makes the exact same size buttonholes all day long. I am so not afraid of buttonholes anymore. I do have to say, though, that when I make this again, I will make the buttonholes vertical instead of horizontal. The instructions are for vertical buttonholes. I have no good reason why I made mine horizontal - just didn't reference the instructions when I made them. Oh, speaking of the instructions, I have a gripe about the instructions. I know - a complaint?? How DARE I complain after such wonderful results. In my defense, it is actually a small teeny-tiny comment, really. Although I don't really use instructions anymore, (I think BURDA and MARFY have weaned me off the instruction sheet) I printed out the instructions - just in case. Well, the instructions refer to pages in the help menus of the program. If you plan to use the instructions with this program, you should do as I have done - print all of the pages from the help section of the program and bind them in a book for easy reference. Okay, I am done with the complaint portion of my post.

For the seam finishes, I used Hug Snug seam binding. I also used it for the hem. I learned about it reading one of your blogs. I love reading your blogs and seeing what you are making. I am so thrilled to have this internet community. I take my iPad to bed with me so I can check in with you before I end my day. I get so many great ideas and so much inspiration from your pictures and tutorials. I never would have thought to finish the inside of a garment this way until I saw one of you do it.

I still have to finish the sleeve cuffs. They need buttonholes and buttons. Often, I get close to finishing a project and I get so excited to wear it that I frequently have pins holding my clothes together. Anyone else do that? Or am I the only gun-jumper? Needless to say, my mind is already on the next project. I have this nagging unfinished object guilt tugging at me to finish the MARFY dress I started this spring, but I really want to play more with my new software. Here are two more pictures showing the horizontal buttonholes and the Hug Snug seam binding finishing on the hem and the inside of the button placket. The last image is of a purchased RTW blouse that I used to think fit me pretty well. Notice how messed up the collar and neckline appear? Boy have my standards changed! HaPpY SeWiNg!!


  1. Thank you for posting about your positive results, and even more so for posting your enthusiasm. I need to sew that tailored blouse from BML, too!

  2. Fabulous!! Congrats on a lovely fit!

  3. OK, you're mean! What pattern is this? I had to search to see that it was from software! What software is this? Pattern Master Boutique?

  4. Oh Becki, sorry to be such a tease! It is Bernina My Label. I bought it in desperation when I was trying to fit pants. I am so happy with it. I highly recommend it. Click on My Label in my sidebar to read my review and see other garments.

  5. Great looking blouse! What a fantastic fit!