All better now

I recut the the off grain side.  Here it is. Honestly, it was a chore to do. I melted it with my iron and had to clean my iron and recut it yet again. By the time I got it sewed together, I was so sick of it that I wasn't even going to photograph it.
I mentioned I have a class reunion coming up, right? Well I decided to sew a sleeveless Kay Unger design in a stretch cotton I found at JoAnn's. Here is the pattern.
I modified a custom princess dress pattern to add the midriff.  You can see that I have more coverage at the front and back armscye.  I also omitted the back vent and lengthened the skirt.  In front, I lengthened the waist darts to accommodate my (ahem) athletic thighs.
This is the fabric I am using:
Here are some of the pieces cut and ready to sew:

In other news, I finished my recent contract and have turned my attention back to pattern drafting and grading. I couldn't be happier. I only have a couple of patterns completed, but soon, I will do a quiet launch of my website. Soon...


  1. Oh dear, there's nothing worse than an iron melt - what a tedious job putting it right

  2. good thing you had plenty of fabric. the end result looks terrific.
    So, when is this pattern going to ba avaialble in my size? ;-)