Fall - a time for new beginnings

Well last weekend I saw it - the first sign of autumn in New England. I was riding my motorcycle up route 100 in Vermont and there on the side of the road, I spotted the first yellow and almost orange leaves on a few trees. The return of the cooler air is always bittersweet for me. As the long, golden, carefree summer days come to a nostalgic end, the cool fresh crispness of fall brings with it new beginnings. I remember this time of year from my childhood - the smell of newly sharpened pencils and shiny wax crayons, new teachers and classmates, the crackle of new book bindings and the snap of binder rings closing though a new pack of blank loose leaf paper, a flashy new lunch box with matching thermos bottle proudly showcasing my favorite character that year, brand new episodes of my favorite TV shows, and my favorite of all the new things - new leather shoes and new clothes in my favorite fall colors.

As the old worn out summer clothes were thrown out or given away, the idea of a fresh new start always filled me with resolutions of getting perfect grades, having neater handwriting, keeping my book covers clean and fresh, and even getting along better with my little sister and brother. I have always loved getting brand new school clothes, and my Mom always saw to it that we started school with a new wardrobe, even though we had very little money.

The fall season has been my favorite fashion season for as long as I can remember, despite my passion for spring dresses and strappy sandals. Now that I have seen the yellow leaves, and it has been rainy and cold for a couple of days in a row, I have started dreaming about silk and tweed, wool and cashmere, suede and leather. My thoughts turn to big purses with shiny hardware, long leather boots with stack heels, chunky buttons, crystal zippers, pleated trim, velvet ribbon, plush scarves and wraps with fringe, huge sparkly baubles and bangles, buttery soft leather gloves, felted wool coats, capes and hats, oversized sunglasses, red lipstick and thick lashes. I find myself craving cappuccino and pumpkin pie...

I am so excited that my sewing has FINALLY gotten to a level where the things I make fit me well enough that I can focus on style instead of fit. I can't stop thinking about what to make! I have some gorgeous fabric in my stash that I have been afraid to cut. Now, I can't wait to stitch it up. In an attempt to formalize my fall wardrobe plan, I have sketched a couple of variations of the tailored shirt pattern included with My Label. I plan to make a woven silk print shell to wear under a jacket, a woven silk tailored shirt with a crystal zipper up the center, a stretch knit silk print wrap top, and a woven silk print blouse with pleated self fabric trim, as well as three more pairs of pants from wool crepe, stretch tropical wool, and a beautiful fine menswear pin stripe - all from my stash! CoLoR mE HaPpy!!

On another happy note, my daughter joined me for lunch today and complimented my outfit. When I told her I made the dress myself, she was delighted and asked me if I could make one for her as well. YES!! Life is good.


  1. I love autumn, too! I can't wait to see what you sew.

  2. I love your header, now you just need a LAMP!
    Bobby b