How my blog helps me sew

I posted a page where I can upload images of my fabrics. Now when I am shopping for patterns or fabrics, I can whip out my iPhone, pull up my blog, click on My Fabric Stash in the left hand column, and be reminded of some of the contents of my stash. Here are some of the scans I have put up so far. Those of you who blog, what clever ways do you use your blogs to help with your sewing?


  1. Clever idea! There is an iphone app called Fabric Stash, I think, which does a similar thing to what you are doing. You take a photo of your fabric, upload it and it's always on your iphone when you're out shopping.

  2. Yes, this is a clever way to track and match fabric to patterns.

  3. I like how you're using your blog for this. Are you just uploading a small image and they automatically line up 3 across? I don't use my blog, but a separate website for my patterns. (It's gotten a bit outdated... gotta catch up)

    But I may take your lead, a use my blog instead. Good idea.