Inspired By Mondo

Mondo really knows how to flatter the female figure. I'll bet I am not the only woman who wants this dress! But how many of us can sew her own custom fitted knock off. Oh YEAH! That's what I'm say-in!

Yes, I know, I need another project in the queue like I need ... But but but I have to have it. I can start with a princess seam dress pattern and make a few small changes. I'll have to lengthen the sleeve and remove the style ease. I even picked out the perfect fabrics! I think I will eliminate the patent leather wide piping between the side and front side pieces.

If you are reading this from my blog (and not Google reader or another RSS feed reader) you can click the images for an expanded view. Look how I reshaped the neckline. I'll use leather there and on the cuffs and at the hem as well - if I can find the right leather. Otherwise, I'll find or make a trim. I am not quite sure if I should go with a rayon burnout for the center or silk twill. All the fabrics are Vogue Fabrics from the Fall 2010 swatches. Aren't they gorgeous. I always like the Transition and Fall swatches the most.
Where would you put these fabrics? Should I use them all? Any ideas for a handmade trim?

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