2010/11 MARFY Catalog Favorites

Yes, I bought the catalog. It arrived today. 10 new patterns for me and so many more to wish for... Here are a few of my favorites.

A simple armsyce princess blouse with a twist on the sleeve, I like the neckline and the two color combination.

On the left, I like the waist style lines and zippered pockets.  On the Right, the raglan sleeved jacket with asymmetrical closure has pockets in the princess seam.  I would omit the buttons on the pockets - too much hip area emphasis for me.  

Another raglan sleeved jacket.  I like the purse :)

Don't you just love this dress?


  1. Hey, have you ordered that shirt 2155 yet? I got it last week, have you checked out how normal the sleeve pattern looks?

  2. becki, I have not seen it. Now you've got me so curious...

  3. which book is this?...i want to download whole book or catalog...can u plz tell me name?...i can read only marfy...