To Buy or Not To Buy - That is the Question

new MARFY 2010/11 annual catalog

The New annual MODA Marfy 2010/11 is here!  And it comes with 10 FREE patterns!

I posted this picture of these gratuitous MARFY patterns earlier this month. 

free MARFY patterns for 2010

I have been trying to decide whether or not to buy the new pattern catalogue.  I really love all the free designs.  They are SO worth the price of the catalog all by themselves.  Not to mention that the catalogue is truly inspirational to me when I am looking for that something special.  I love Italian design and the way they show a whole outfit - including a coat - that just works so well together.  I love that the style lines are not the same old same old that I have grown bored with.  There is a timeless elegance to the designs which reminds me of the styles from the 40s and 50s when women wore tailored clothing.  A time with shoes and hats and stockings and lipstick and pin-up girls and curves...  I love the formal look of well fitting clothes.  Even if I don't order the patterns, the ideas are there for me to interpret and incorporate as I develop my own style.

But I do have a few issues:

1.    I already have SO MANY patterns.
2.    MARFY patterns with their interesting style lines are harder to petite
3.    I have a subscription to BURDA Style which has lead to
4.    I have a backlog of patterns in queue waiting to be sewn which leads to
5.    I just don't have the time to sew everything I would like to sew.
6.    I am trying to control my impulse purchasing
7.    Did I mention I have SO MANY patterns?
8.    Judging by the overflowing closets, dresser drawers, and laundry baskets in my home, I don't need any more clothes...

HELP! Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Rationalizations??

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  1. Instead of thinking of the catalog as being a bunch of patterns that you have to sew, think of it as entertainment. Divide the cost of the catalog by the number of hours of enjoyment you will get pouring over it--it will turn out to be a bargain, even if you don't make anything!