Fitting the Suit Dress

After all of my alterations, the shoulder slope just didn't look right to me. I thought maybe with all the years of folding ready to wear laundry which never fit quite right, finally seeing something that fits me well ought to look odd.

But, just to be on the safe side, I cut the front and back half pieces out, folded the bust dart, and taped the pieces together at the shoulder and side seams before slipping it on to test the fit. It turned out the shoulder slope alteration was good, but the bust dart was too high, and the waist was also too high all the way around, so I undid the tuck I made to petite the armsyce, but then the shoulder didn't lay right. Then I undid the shoulder seam alteration, and now it looks like this.

This looks fine to me.  Maybe I should make a muslin?  I sure wish I had a TNT sheath dress!


  1. What pattern is this? It lookis like it fits well to me.

  2. becki, it is BURDA #127 from the February 2010 issue. I have a few posts about it.
    Burda Style February 2010
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    The Suit Dress
    I am hoping to make this my TNT sheath dress pattern. I made a whole bunch of alterations to it and then I undid them all except for adding a little more fullness through the hip and thigh.