Pant Fitting

back close up
front close up

I thought these pants were a good fit. Good enough to be my TNT (tried and true) pants. There are a few wrinkles across the front, but I have since corrected the pattern by shortening the front crotch curve. Well a couple of days ago, I read this blog post by Victoria and now my standards for a good fit have changed...

here you can see the leg does not hang straight
and notice all that poofiness (is that a word?) in the front?

Now when I see these pictures, I regret having cut this beautiful silk/wool blend fabric before I perfected the pattern. The good news is that I am inspired to do better. I would like to thank all of you blog authors for sharing your pictures, tutorials and comments on line. I am so happy to have found people who want to sew clothes that fit well! I ordered a used hardcover copy of the Singer Pants Fitting book that Victoria spoke so highly of in her blog posting. I can't wait for it to get here so I can begin to tackle this issue!


  1. That looks like a TNT for sure! I like how fitted the back is, I like how you got them fitted under your tushy without making them too tight through the hips.

  2. Hey Debra thanks for your kind remarks:) I agree with becki-c. I think this is definitely your TNT pattern and it's cool you were able to shorten the crotch length to get more desirable results. Pants are so tricky. I plan to copy the crotch curves from my TNT patterns from now on to ensure a good fit. Good luck with your pants sewing!!!