Saturday in Concord MA

This past weekend we had fabulous weather in Massachusetts. My Mom came up to visit and I took her shopping in Concord. Here are some of our pictures.

We strolled in and out of boutiques, trying on jewelry and scarves, purchasing trinkets and looking at all the fine details of some of the fancier clothes. I felt a little funny about taking detailed photos, so I refrained. My Mom snapped pictures from the sidewalk of a few dresses that were in shop windows so I could add them to my inspiration files. We figured that was okay since anyone could see that much from the street. There was a historical cemetery with tombstones from the colonial days which we found fascinating. Mom has more pictures. We stopped for salmon wraps at Helens right around six when the stores were closing. The food was yummy and reasonably priced, and the staff were fantastic. I had a nice Saturday with my Mom.

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