MARFY 2255 fitting

Here is my second MARFY 2255 muslin. The fit still isn't just how I want it, but I am happy with the upper back. I added length and width to the back pattern piece. I essentially did a "full butt alteration" and now the back is longer than the front. The bust darts are a little too high as a result of an alteration I made to the slope of the shoulder. I think I can fix the pattern pieces and go straight to fashion fabric, but I have an issue with the style. I don't like the pleats in the front. I cannot decide whether or not to eliminate them.


  1. The fit looks very nice and the side panels are so slimming to the waist! The pleats on the line drawing look more like soft gathers. I wonder if the muslin (vs your FF) is making them look stiff?

  2. I think that if you are sewing with a drapier fabric you will like them. If you are using something like a dupioni I would leave the off. I do like the look of the side panels, they are very slimming.

  3. Thanks for commenting, Becki and Katie.

    Now that I look at the pattern illustration, I realize I took one pleat instead of three per side. The pattern had a notation on it which said "pleat" and I didn't refer back to the illustration when I put the muslin together. My fashion fabric is raw silk with a fair amount of body - not as drape-y as wool crepe and not as crisp as linen or dupioni. I think I'll go ahead and cut the silk. Maybe I can stitch the darts down if they poof too much? I also love those side panels. I love MARFY designs!