MARFY 2255 style options

For the side panels, I am considering a few options. The fashion fabric I chose for this dress is an olive colored raw silk that I bought from Cynthia Guffey a few years ago at the sewing Expo. I bought several colors from her and I am considering using a different color to accentuate the panels. Another option is to simply topstitch and edgestitch in a contrasting thread color. Or I could experiment with using my embroidery machine and stitch out an endless design. I am having trouble deciding...

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  1. I'm enjoying watching you progress with this dress! Thank you for sharing! :) Great job on the muslin!

    Regarding the panels--what would happen if you cut the panels in a different direction from the rest of the dress: e.g. 1) on the bias or 2) on the crosswise or 3) against the nap. I'm thinking that if you can get the light to reflect differently on this part of the dress, it might be different enough, to highlight the panels. I can't wait to see what solution you come up with. :)

    Rose in SV