Dry Cleaning Accident?

It is such a beautiful day today. I have been looking forward to wearing my lovely summer weight dresses with bare legs and peep toe shoes for what seems like forever. My dresses have been waiting so patiently - all fresh, cleaned and pressed from the dry cleaners - for the day they will frolic in the sun again. I pulled one of my favorites, a silk sleeveless empire waisted style with an A line skirt out of my closet only to notice stains. It looks as though the print from one of my other dresses, transferred to it during the cleaning and I didn't notice when I removed the plastic. I wore it anyway, with a sweater, and pretty peep toe shoes. The thing is, (there is ALWAYS a thing, right?) I love the way the dress suits my figure. When I add the sweater, it is a different outfit and all that figure flattery is lost. These pictures are taken from an angle that is not exactly glamorous and I was having a little static cling episode, but I think it illustrates the difference the sweater makes pretty well.

I have a great idea! I am going to turn this dress into a pattern! I already know it will fit and more important than fit, I already know this is a style that I like on my body. Since I never would be willing to sacrifice a beloved garment to this process, this stained dress dark cloud has a silver lining. I was heartbroken early this morning. Now I am energized.

PS - you can click the pictures for a bigger view.


  1. Oh that is too bad about the dress. Great idea to trace it off; now you can several versions of this fabulous dress.

  2. I hate your wonderful dress was ruined!!! I absolutely love the colors and style!!! It's good though that you can use it as a pattern. That way you can preserve it's memory and create more beautiful dresses!!!

  3. I know that it is just going to drive you crazy, but it looks really cute with the sweater.