Beaded Embroidery

Thank you, Ann for the suggestion to add beaded trim to the side panels. I did a little test stitching to find a machine stitch that I can embellish with beads.
This is one of the designer stitches that came with my machine. Isn't it fabulous! I think I like this 30 weight thread. And look how cool it's going to be with beads! I have had these tubes of beads for years. I bought some simple embroidery designs which used tulle to make little appliqué patches that you fill with bead gravy - essentially little seed beads and bugles made of glass. I went a little crazy buying beads when I saw tubes like the one pictured in Michaels. I embellished one pair of jeans for my Mom and she said all the beads came out in the wash. So I have been holding on to all of these little beads knowing I could use them for something.... someday....


  1. Oooh, is that ever going to be fabulously amazing!!!

  2. Beautiful design! Can't wait to see it made up with the beads.
    Debra,thanks for the comment you left me. I like the idea of a shrug or trapeze jacket to go with my dress. Whatever cover=up I make ,I don't want to hide the rushing(can't spell that word) at the side so That's going to be the problem.

  3. Debra,Oh my Gawd! That would be perfect and guess what I have a pattern for a gown that has that very shrug. I must go dig it out. Only problem now is to find a suitable fabric. A silk knit would probably be perfect. I'll see if I can find one in Montreal when I go next Month.
    Thanks a lot Debra. You are so sweet!